>>>The Opportunistic Attacks on MSNBC Continue…<<<

Noel Sheppard uses condemnation of MSNBC as “state media” by progressive/liberal journalist Jeremy Scahill, from “the far-left Nation magazine”, to launch partisan attack on liberal network


>>>Obamagasms Vs. Bushgasms<<<

Short-Term Memory: NewsBusters relives all of Chris Matthews’ biggest “Obamagasms”; whitewashes his biggest “Bushgasms” of the 2000s


>>>Tim Graham: “Obama Disses Michael Jordan”<<<

NewsBusters just makes things up about what President Obama says


>>>Right-Wing Continues to Make Excuses for Rush Limbaugh’s Misogyny<<<

Newsbusters: Unlike Rush Limbaugh’s “much tamer” comments about Sandra Fluke, Martin Bashir’s attack on Sarah Palin was “one of the most offensive things ever said on television about any person”


>>>Drennen Downplays Hateful Rhetoric at Anti-Obama Rally<<<

NewsBusters desperately attempts to play cover for right-wing protestor at Tea party rally who declared that President Obama “bows down to Allah”, among other offensive remarks

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